A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ARTEKAO RE:SET is a dark visual novel where it's set in a time where  a computer has to keep the world from ending. However one day, the computer gets corrupted with multiple viruses. It is up to Ariel Redoc to fix it. If he doesn't, the world will end.

This visual novel has five endings and three acts. 

WARNING: This novel has the topics of child abuse, abusive relationships, familial abuse, (all abuse is both physical and emotional), uses of breaking the 4th wall (in only one ending), world ending scenarios, murder, blood, suicide, swearing, violence, genocide, and firearms. This game also has loud noises, for example, gunshots. Please play with caution. 

Although I wouldn't consider this to be a warning, please know that this game has a lot of LGBT themes. 

DISCLAIMER: Please do not upload playthroughs of the game to make fun of it. The creator of this game has really bad anxiety.  Playthroughs are allowed.

Install instructions

Make sure you have popups enabled because the download button will redirect you to a Mediafire. 

EDIT: Please make sure that it redirects you to a mediafire, if it direct you to another site immediately close out of it! It's only supposed to direct you to Mediafire. Thank you!

EDIT 2: Even though this is kind of a basic, please make sure you have any programs like winrar installed to extract the file! Thank you. 

FOR ACT 3: Act 3 is located within the game's files. Just go into the "game" folder, then you'll see a folder titled "ARTEKAO 3". There should be a .rar file of act 3. Thank you!